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LEED Commissioning

LEED® Accredited Professionals

EBCxG delivers the value of our sustainable design and LEED® experience to every commissioning project. EBCxG has extensive experience in delivering LEED commissioning services. 


EBCxG’s LEED Fundamental Commissioning services include:

                                        Serving as Commissioning Authority                                                               Reviewing Owner’s Project Requirements

                                        Assist with the commissioning specifications                                                  Developing a commissioning plan

                                        Asssist developing a start-up checklist                                                              Test and Balance (TAB) Review

                                        Operation & Maintenance Manual Review                                                      Developing functional test procedures

                                        Performing on-site functional testing of equipment/systems                    Providing commissioning process documentation

                                        Tracking commissioning correspondence/reports                                         Providing a final commissioning report


EBCxG’s LEED Enhanced Commissioning services add:

                                       A focused review of the Owner Project Requirements, Basis of Design and Design Documents prior to the

                                                   50% completion of Construction Documents    

                                       A focused review and back-check of the Construction Documents prior to completion  

                                       Contractor equipment submittal reviews 

                                       Training verification         

                                       Systems manual development

                                       On-site, post-occupancy system operation and performance review 

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